As a prime contractor in the refining, petrochemical and general industry, most of our work activities are not of the same nature as those of the customer. We introduce people, equipment, and tools in the process plant environment that require additional and different safety rules and practices. We face two fronts in terms of health and safety; the plant equipment processes, products and chemicals, as one front and our tools, equipment methods and activities as the other. It is our duty and responsibility to train our employees to follow Amber, LLC.’s as well as our customers’ rules and regulations to insure and maintain safe and healthy working conditions.

All accidents are preventable, provided cause or conditions that may lead up to an accident are anticipated, recognized, evaluated, and controlled in time to prevent an accident. To be effective, a safety and health management system should be comprehensive and focus on all aspects of anticipation, recognition, evaluation and control. However, its effectiveness is directly proportional to the efforts and contribution of the participants.

The objective of all the programs Amber, LLC. currently has in place is to increase the safety and quality performance of each employee as well as the company as a whole. The extension of hazard anticipation, recognition, evaluation and control through the initiatives and actions of motivated employees, is the most effective accident prevention system. The goal of this training is to enhance such a system.

At Amber, LLC. we utilize a New Hire Orientation Training program that consist of three levels. In addition, we have a weekly safety / training program that is derived from safety topics requested / required by our clients and OSHA. Each weekly topic covers a specific Amber, LLC. Safety, Health & Environmental Safe Practice, Policy Procedure, or a pertinent safety subject related to the work encountered on the jobsite. The training consists of a lesson covering the subject followed by a short quiz to ensure comprehension.

Amber, LLC. is also a certified NCCER National Training / Assessment Center and Sponsor. This certification gives our employees the opportunity to be trained, assessed and recognized through the NCCER National Registry which is recognized industry wide.

In the attempt to create a well educated work force, Amber, LLC. sends all craft helpers / craftsmen into the pertinent classes in the field of electrical and/or instrumentation at local Jr. Colleges. For the employees involved in the Core Curricula, it covers Basic Safety, Basic Math, and Introduction to Hand Tools, Power Tools, Blueprints and Basic Rigging. NCCER Curriculum Class tuition is provided at no cost to the employee.

Amber, LLC. stresses the importance of this training and encourages 110% participation in this process.