About Us

Amber, L.P. was organized in Deer Park, Texas, in March 1978. Amber’s primary goal was to develop into a highly specialized industrial instrument and electrical contractor to serve the Gulf Coast market on an open shop basis. Amber, L.P. has attained that goal and now employs more than 250 employees throughout the Gulf Coast. Amber’s headquarters are located in La Porte, Texas and include over 16,000 square feet of office space, a 12,458 square foot tool storage area, and a 16,450 square foot shop facility. The shop provides a location for the maintenance of equipment..

Amber’s scope of service currently includes instrumentation and electrical installations, fiber optic installations, underground electrical work, pole line work, instrumentation calibration, loop check and startup assistance, including DCS conversions.

Our Mission

Amber’s mission is to provide a safe and healthy environment whether working in the Gulf Coast area or beyond. We consider accident prevention to be more important than any other phase of operation and administration. This goal is accomplished through the implementation of a Behavioral Based Safety Observation Program (BBSOP). We believe that a safe work environment must never be compromised..

Our Leadership & Commitment

Amber, L.P. has proven its leadership in the field of industrial process control, electrical installation and safety. We have completed work throughout the Gulf Coast and many other states all over the United States. We have developed an exclusive list of satisfied clients in a variety of industries. Amber’s projects range in size from small capital projects and maintenance contracts to multi-million dollar grassroots plants. We have achieved our growth and customer satisfaction while maintaining an excellent safety record through the commitment of educating our workforce.

Amber’s commitment to craft training and skills assessment is demonstrated by our history of internal training and the development of a craft skills assessment program. Amber, L.P. believes in being proactive within all areas of the workforce, not only to safeguard our employees but everyone in the vicinity of any of our operations. We believe by being a National Training Provider and Assessment Center through the National Center of Construction, Education and Research (NCCER), we can tailor our program to fit any client’s demands whether it be in the area of safety or quality..

Amber, L.P. can address client’s needs by utilizing techniques we have developed, programs we have in place, and our workforce. We train our employees in several different areas such as high voltage testing, high voltage termination / splicing, First Aid and CPR. We also offer assistance within the development of the different client programs from onsite drug testing to the Onsite Contractor Forums (OCF) and other contractor/client driven programs. We have proven that a well-trained workforce is a safe workforce, and that is the foundation we build our future on!

Amber, L.P. considers our reputation and project experience to be a major strength. Our continued success is a result of blending technical and craft experts into a cohesive group who deliver quality work at a competitive price. We have selected highly experienced individuals from many parts of the country who are quite knowledgeable in the areas of instrument and electrical installations. This well-trained workforce has been rewarded with numerous industry awards.